"I have been treated two times so far, mainly due to my place of living, which is approx. 520 miles away. I have in plan to come to FL again this year and will use the opportunity to get a couple of treatments at Mrs. Smith’s office. As an individual who has had numerous health issues for years, it is easier for me to understand and feel the effect of an alternative way of treatment. I have had undergone many medical tests and exams in the period of the last 15 years and have tried, like many others, the official medical route. After years, I have exhausted the available official medical treatments, and thenI started with the alternative methods, simply because I had hard time functioning. My health condition was far from tolerable, and my daily symptoms created plethora of discomforts leading to very restricted life style. Truth to be told, the official medical approach did not match level of help I have received from the alternative treatments. For all of you who are out there, with chronic or acute medical conditions, I would highly recommend you to visit Mrs. Smith. She is an individual who survived a malicious disease and thanks to that experience, she has more understanding and sympathy for patients. I work in the medical profession and I am quite familiar with the costs of official medical care, tests and prices of medications. I am also aware of the side effects medications can have on us. I have been through thick and thin when it comes to both. That would be all for now, I will leave more comments when I receive the next treatment. Godspeed to all."

Z. Simeunovic

"I did not believe in miracles until I met Gordana, she’s simply amazing! It took me a while to try acupuncture because (ironically) I was afraid of needles; not only did she have a way of relaxing me but after only one treatment changes were visible and I could tell the difference! She’s so good with kids, too! I cannot brag enough about Gordana, words are just not enough. I will be her patient until she retires! I strongly recommend her to everybody – not only for physical pain, but for chronic diseases and emotional challenges as well! I’m a believer now, everybody should try it!"


"Gordana is great. I came in feeling terrible and run down. Now with Gordana help I have learned what triggers my moods or how I feel. I got help with acupuncture and herbal teas. My body is feeling better and on the way to my old self. Thank you!"


"Gordana is awesome. She is committed to her clients and will work tirelessly to help them improve their health. She’s a true professional. If she decides to add you to her caseload then you should count your blessings and follow her advice to the letter."

T. McIntosh

"I have been seeing Gordana for at least a year. She is wonderful. She has diagnosed me and treated me for several medical issues such as chronic back pain, weight loss, and general wellness. I always feel better coming out of my appointment then what I did when I went in. She has taught me so much about what food to eat and what to avoid for a healthy lifestyle."

N. Tanner

"Gordana is amazing ! I went to see Gordana after many years of battling anxiety and depression. I had tried many different anti depressants and anti anxiety meds and was not happy with any of them. After seeing her for about 4 – 6 week I was off and have remained off of all meds. Not only is Gordana great at what she does but she truly cares about her patients. I strongly recommend her to everyone I encounter with any ailment!"

C. Gillespie

"I have known Gordana for a few years now. She is a wonderful Acupuncturist because she is kind, has empathy and is very knowledgeable and eager to keep learning everything there is in respect to her profession and healing patients. She will take the time and energy to come up with the best treatment plan for each patient. I highly recommend Gordana."

K. Travis

"Gordana is more than an acupuncturist, she is a healer. She intuits more than you are able to describe to her about your needs.This empowers her to treat and heal the deeper underlying causes to your pain, dis-ease, disability. Over the year she has worked with me toward wholeness I have recommended a number of others to seek her care. All have been as pleased as I have been. For me Gordana’s faith adds depth to her training, knowledge and wisdom that increases my healing by and through her hands."

S. O'Brian