"If you have experienced pain and discomfort from a joint injury and haven’t been successful in finding relief it is worth your time to visit Gordana. You won’t regret the decision!"

S. Amos

"Gordana is awesome. She is committed to her clients and will work tirelessly to help them improve their health. She’s a true professional. If she decides to add you to her caseload then you should count your blessings and follow her advice to the letter."

M. Thomas

"Gordana is a beautiful soul and is incredibly intuitive- it seems to be that she can tell with crystal clarity the areas of yourself which need healing and guidance. After each visit, there is a remarkable change not only with my physical health but on every level. It feels that each day, I am born into a new person; and for that, I can’t thank her enough."

L. Barnett

"Amazing experience, amazing woman! There’s no enough words to describe pleasant experience I had here. If you’re looking for a way to feel better, head over there! Physically and mentally, trust me♡♡♡ Can’t wait to go back!"

G. Lena

"Gordana has amazing insite! She helped me with everything from hot flashes, lower back pain, GI troubles and a broken spirit through the loss of a loved one. She is kind and gentle and will work with you tirelessly until you are healed."

E. Anderson

"Gordana has a passion for healing and has created a practice that is much more than acupuncture. She has mastered several techniques that complement each other and result in treating the cause of health problems and not just the symptoms. I know this first hand because Gordana’s use of acupuncture, NET, and essential oils to restore my health and well being. Her commitment to her patients is total and is a gift I wish all health practitioners would possess."

J. Gajewski

"I met Gordana shortly after she started acupuncture school. I loved that I could experience her journey of transformation as she absorbed the knowledge to become an Acupuncture Physician. She is always learning new techniques and fine tuning her healing touch. Her focus is to enrich the lives of her patients in whatever way possible. Her healing touch is one I have personally experienced and greatly appreciate. Gordana is a gentle spirit that walks the talk."

J. Braden

"I met Gordana October of 2014, two months after I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, where the left side of my face was paralyzed. Before finding her, I tried Western medicine- I took antibiotics and went to a neurologist- but nothing would get the left side of my face to move, including my eye lids. Even worse, no doctors seemed to care- that was the saddest and most frustrating part. The FIRST time Gordana treated me, I already felt changes in my face with small twitches- I hadn’t felt anything like that in the two months I had Bell’s Palsy. After that first appointment I saw Gordana once or twice per week and within three months you wouldn’t be able to tell I had Bell’s Palsy unless I told you. Even better, Gordana has THE BEST bedside manner I have ever had in my life. To this day, we keep in touch 🙂 She is so caring, SMART, tough and curious. I recommend everyone to get treated by her. She truly cares and will go above and beyond to find the best treatment specific for you. I am so thankful to have met her. She is my earth angel!"

S. Fenn

"Gordana is AMAZING!! Every time I had a session with her I left feeling rejuvenated, I had more energy and slept better than I had in years it was as if she lifted a brick off my shoulders. Gordana is a beautiful person inside and out and will always make you feel at ease. I can not express enough how much I appreciate her."

L. Dickson

"Me and my wife had a wonderful experience at Gordana’s today. I’ve never been into this, but my wife kept telling me how great she was. And she was right! She’s not just a acupuncturist but a healer too. I would recommend this place to anyone, doesn’t matter what kinda of problems you have. Just love it!"

D. Dedic