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As of 2014, all of Florida acupuncture school graduates have to take (and pass) very extensive Chinese Herbology National Board in order to practice, prescribe and customize herbal formulas for you.

Before you decide you want to give herbal medicine a try, please make sure you seek licensed physician who can help you.

As a medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine actually precedes acupuncture and has been practiced for thousands of years, on multiple continents, and incorporates various ingredients from all parts of plants: the leaf, stem, flower, root, and sometimes ingredients from certain animals and minerals.

Chinese herbs and herbal supplements work more on the level of blood and have specific therapeutic effects on certain organs of the body (such as the liver).

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Chinese herbal formulas can come in the following forms:

  • Traditional Herb Tea: loose herbs are cooked down into a potent tea– Most traditional method
  • Granular Powder: a pre-cooked and compounded powder which is mixed with hot water to form a tea– Easiest to customize and great for travel
  • Patent Formulas: herbs are pre-mixed and compounded into pill form– Easy to travel with but not customizable
  • Tinctures: herbal concentrates which are pre-mixed with alcohol or glycerin and dosed in drop-by-drop form.

Typical herbal formula consists anywhere from 6-12 herbs on average.

Externally, Chinese herbal formulas can be applied topically in the form of salves, liniments, plasters, and herbal compresses to effectively relieve pain.

Custom made herbal formula

Chinese herbs and their medical uses

When single herbs are combined to create a formula, they are very effective in treating not only symptoms, but also the underlying cause of the problem. Since symptoms may vary from person to person, herbal formulas are customized for each individual. When conditions improve, herbal formulas are adjusted accordingly until any lingering symptoms have been resolved.

traditional chinese herbal medicine

Ask me to how I can customize your very own formula – I’d be happy to 🙂