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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner uses four methods to evaluate a patient’s condition:

  1. Observation (especially the tongue)tongue
  1. Listening / Smelling
  1. Questioning / Interviewing (Through interviewing, it’s important to fully understand a patient’s condition and be aware of any factors that might impact treatment)
  1. Touching (Your pulse is a key indicator of your energy and how you are progressing in treatment)pulse

Does your doctor look at your tongue? Hair? Nails? Eyes? Sniffs around you when nobody pulled your finger (lol)? Holds your hands for 10 minutes carefully observing different depths and qualities of your pulse? Pays attention to the qualities of your skin while taking the pulse?

Watches closely how you’re walking while entering the office? Interprets body language, use your ear and face for diagnosing? Pays attention to the tone of your voice? Asks about the color of your poop???

Well, I DO. And I love it!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the treatment of the human body differently from Western medicine, I do not treat your disease and I don’t chase your symptoms, I treat – YOU.

So, before your first visit to Phoenix Rises Acupuncture in our beautiful and ancient St. Augustine, here are some of the things you should know.

Appointments usually last one hour.

I will ask you ahead of time to thoroughly fill out few medical forms (online, before your treatment).

While reviewing the forms, we will discuss your past health and medical history, your lifestyle, your concerns and your goals for treatment. We may also discuss the difference between Western and Eastern medicine. These conversations are an important part of the diagnostic process.

Once this is completed, I will recommend a course of treatment and explain how acupuncture will fit into your course of treatment.

Depending upon your specific condition, I will then take your pulse. Acupuncture pulses are a qualitative reflection of the six major energy systems of the body. They are taken on both wrists in three locations. The information obtained goes far beyond the heart rate information obtained by conventional Western medicine pulse taking.

Pulse Taking

Next I will look at your tongue, which, in Chinese medicine, can provide information about your general health.

What tongue do you speak?


Then I might palpate your body/meridians.

I recommend that you wear comfortable, loose clothing for easier access to the points. In some cases, I might recommend a gown if your particular treatment calls for it.

Leave plenty of time both before and after your treatment. Rigorous exercise, sexual activities, eating a full meal, and consuming alcohol should be avoided immediately before and after a treatment for at least 1 hour. In many cases, acupuncture will be augmented by other therapies such as cupping, massages, moxibustion, and E-stim treatments, etc.

I will explain the treatment step by step as I proceed.

For most people, receiving treatment is quite relaxing. When the needle initially penetrates the skin, you will feel a small pinch.

After the needle is inserted, I will stimulate it to encourage the arrival of Qi to that acupuncture point. The arrival of Qi may feel similar to a dull or heavy ache, a tingling, a numbing, warmth or an electrical sensation. On rare occasions, the needle sensation may be painful. Please inform me if you feel any discomfort such as a sharp pain. I will adjust the needle and you will be fine. Rarely is there any bleeding from the needle insertion point.

How you’ll feel afterwards varies greatly from patient to patient and from session to session. Some treatments may leave you relaxed and energized; others may leave you with a desire to rest.

I DO read the intake you fill out online, but if we spend time filling your medical history in the office your appointment will be shortened for that much time. Let’s make the most of that time by each of us doing their part 🙂

Ready to schedule your first appointment now? Call or email, we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Looking forward to seeing you in our Phoenix Rises Acupuncture in St.Augustine 🙂

Please print out this wellness check and bring it to your first appointment.

Wellness Check



Do not allow anybody to perform “dry needling” on you – not only is it performed by somebody who is not properly trained to insert needles in you – it is ILLEGAL in state of Florida. Those individuals took a weekend course (35 hours on average) and can harm you.

If you were to have a surgery, would you rather go to a real doctor with extensive years of training or somebody who took a weekend training to learn how to operate on people?