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Council on Aging

Phoenix Rises Acupuncture was a guest speaker at the Council on Aging in St. Augustine (downtown location on the 180 Marine Street) and talked about ways to improve quality of life with acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition! What a wonderful crew and what a great experience! Thank you all for taking time, for all of […]

Point of the month

Liver 3

If you’re needing help with stress, lower back pain, high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, limb pain, insomnia and anxiety – Liver 3 is your go-to point. Liver 3 (Great Surge) It is located on your foot about two finger widths above the place where the skin of your big toe and the next toe join. […]

Herb of the month

Burdock (Niu Bang Zi)

How about a herb that could help with measles, detoxify your blood, lymphatic system and skin? How about it, may you ask! Burdock, native Chinese herb, has been known to many different cultures for thousands of years for its ability to purify blood, cool internal heat, act as an anti-inflammatory agent and provide antibacterial effects on the human […]

In The News

Women’s Luncheon

Phoenix Rises Acupuncture will be featured this Wednesday at the Ancient City Women’s Luncheon (11:30-1). Come and learn about ancient healing secrets acupuncture can offer, talk about YOUR business, have a lunch with like minded women AND help community – support BellView Healthcare at 161 Marine Str. Lunch is $12. Door prizes will be provided, […]

Chia Seed Fruit Pudding
Recipe of the month

Chia Seed Pudding

Commonly grown in Mexico, known as a word “strength” in the Mayan language, used by Aztec warriors for their endurance, rich in fiber chia seeds are also known as great energy boosters. According to Dr. Axe, Chia seed benefits include promoting healthy skin, reducing signs of aging, supporting the heart and digestive system, building stronger bones and muscles and […]

DU 20 - Baihui, Hundred Meetings - Acupuncture point
Point of the month

DU 20 – Baihui, Hundred Meetings – Acupuncture point

Pinyin Name & English Translation Baihui, Hundred Meetings (Convergence)   TCM Indications: Vertigo, dizziness Coma, apoplexy, hemiplegia, aphasia Manic psychosis, insomnia   Head wind, one-sided headache, pain of the vertex, heaviness of the head, dizziness, wind dizziness, visual dizziness, tinnitus, protruding eyes, blindness, hypertension, hypotension.   Windstroke, hemiplegia, opisthotonos, tetany, loss of consciousness, vomiting of […]