B-12 Injections
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B-12 Injections

Phoenix Rises Acupuncture in St. Augustine now offers Methylcobalamine (no cyanide) B-12 injections for ONLY $30. Wanna feel fantastic? Come get yours today! In order to practice AcuPoint Injection Therapy one has to take over 60 hours beyond the regular curriculum in acupuncture masters program, take exam and become certified first. Doctor of Oriental medicine, […]

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(Stomach) ST 40

TCM Actions: Transforms phlegm and dampness Benefits the chest Clears phlegm from the lung and alleviates cough and wheezing Clears phlegm from the heart and calms the spirit Acvtivates the channel and alleviates pain TCM Indications: Copious phlegm, fullness, oppression and pain of the chest, stabbing pain of the chest, cutting pain of the abdomen, […]