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Are you tired of managing your pain and “dis-ease” with medications?

Do you feel like you’ve exhausted your Western Medicine options and nothing else has worked for you?

Do you feel like the root of the problem has not been addressed – only the symptoms?

Look no further, you’ve come to the right place!  SEE WHAT ACUPUNCTURE CAN DO FOR YOU!

Note: Beware the serious side effect of acupuncture that you never see on TV commercial – You’ll feel better 🙂

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Marian Cantwell
Marian Cantwell
posted 3 weeks ago

I highly recommend Phoenix Rises Acupuncture. You can really tell that Gordona is passionate about what she does. She listens closely to what you say and offers many solutions to anything that you are concerned about. I went to see her for one issue and got so much good advice on many other things that I was 'just putting up with' when I didn't need to be. I enjoy my visits with her and always come out with a smile on my face! You won't be disappointed!

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"I have been treated two times so far, mainly due to my place of living, which is approx. 520 miles away. I have in plan to come to FL again this year and will use the opportunity to get a couple of treatments at Mrs. Smith’s office. As an individual who has had numerous health issues for years, it is easier for me to understand and feel the effect of an alternative way of treatment. I have had undergone many medical tests and exams in the period of the last 15 years and have tried, like many others, the official medical route. After years, I have exhausted the available official medical treatments, and thenI started with the alternative methods, simply because I had hard time functioning. My health condition was far from tolerable, and my daily symptoms created plethora of discomforts leading to very restricted life style. Truth to be told, the official medical approach did not match level of help I have received from the alternative treatments. For all of you who are out there, with chronic or acute medical conditions, I would highly recommend you to visit Mrs. Smith. She is an individual who survived a malicious disease and thanks to that experience, she has more understanding and sympathy for patients. I work in the medical profession and I am quite familiar with the costs of official medical care, tests and prices of medications. I am also aware of the side effects medications can have on us. I have been through thick and thin when it comes to both. That would be all for now, I will leave more comments when I receive the next treatment. Godspeed to all."
Z. Simeunovic


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